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35 books in Biography
4000 Bowls of Rice: A Prisoner of War Comes Home
Linda Goetz Holmes
The All-American Boys
Walter Cunningham
The Brave: A Story of New York City's Firefighters
George Pickett
By Me, William Shakespeare
Robert Payne
Captain Roy Brown, Vol II, A True Story of the Great War. Vol II
Alan D. Bennett|Margaret Brown Harman|Denny Reid May
Captain Roy Brown. Vol I, A True Story of the Great War
Alan Bennett|Margaret Brown Harman|Denny Reid May
A Child of Silence
Francoise Fautrel
A Combat Medic Comes Home
John A. Kerner
Combat Medic: World War II
John A. Kerner
Conspiracy and the Freemasons: How the Secret Society and Their Enemies Shaped the Modern World
Byron Preiss|J. Madison Davis
Early Days in the Weizmann Institute
Joe Jaffe
Einstein: The Best Single Volume Introduction
Dr Donald Goldsmith|Robert P. Libbon
Escape From Plauen, A True Story
Renate Stoever
Fame Without Fortune, The Al Cleveland Story
Daryl Cleveland
Robert Payne
The Great Charlie, the Biography of the Tramp
Robert Payne
The Great Man—Winston Churchill
Robert Payne
Impeccable Connections, The Rise and Fall of Richard Whitney
Malcolm MacKay
Robert Payne
The Life and Dearh of Mahatma Gandhi
Robert Payne
The Life and Death of Adolf Hitler
Robert Payne
The Marshall Story
Robert Payne
The Military Hall of Fame
Scott Baron
My Life with the Chimpanzees
Jane Goodall
My Life With The Dinosaurs
Stephen|Sylvia Czerkas
The Namesake: The Biography of Theodore Roosevelt, Jr.
Robert W. Walker
Orpheus Emerged
Jack Kerouac|Robert Creeley
Richard Olney
A Soldier's Journal: With the 22nd Infantry Regiment in World War II
David Rothbart
Stanley Hayami
Stanley Hayami|Joanne Oppenheim|Daniel Inouye, Senator (frw)
Steam Lion: A Biography of Samuel Cunard
John G. Langley
Tais-toi ... et prie
Francoise Fautrel
Way of the Pirate & Privateers
Robert Downie
Woody, Cisco & Me: Seamen Three in the Merchant Marine
Jim Longhi
You Caught Me Kissing
Dorothy Bridges|Beau Bridges|Jeff Bridges|Lucinda Bridges
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